Monday, December 12, 2011

P is for...

P is for..., watercolor on mixed media paper, December 11, 2011
I never used to like the color orange, but I'm warming up to it. I can take or leave pie, but my husband cannot leave it. I needed to learn to make a good apple pie early in our marriage. They're a lot of work to make, but my husband is always very appreciative. He gets one for his birthday every year, and, if he's lucky, another one for Father's Day. When I was a kid, bell peppers were green...only. How delightful that they now come in extra sweet red, orange, and yellow! I love to top pizza or sandwiches with roasted peppers. My son is a loyal fan of the New England Patriots. I am a loyal fan of Winnie the Pooh (only Classic Pooh) and all his Hundred Acre friends. I'm especially partial to Eeyore, a particularly tragic, melancholy character. I've already confessed to an attraction to salt glazed pottery. It fits my decorating style, which is non-fussy and utilitarian. I'm not sure what the name would be, but my style is equal parts Shaker and Mission, with plenty of baskets, pottery, and mason jars thrown in to soften all that wood. I learned to play piano on an old Starr player-piano that had all the player "works" removed. I wish I still had that piano.It had the lightest touch, and it was beautiful to look at. It's possible I'm romanticizing it slightly. P is for pumpkin, pie, peppers, Patriots, Pooh, pipes, pottery, and piano.

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