Monday, December 12, 2011

O is for...

O is for..., watercolor on mixed media paper, December 11, 2011
Widespread use (overuse?) of air conditioning has almost erased the memory of a warm, fresh breeze coming through an open window. Yup, I'm complaining about air conditioning. Check back with me in August! In the 80s, trench coats were fashionable. I always liked the look. I think olive oil in a decorative bottle is a beautiful thing. Olive oil is one of the oldest processed foods, and it's a good one! Slices of crusty bread dipped in good olive oil seasoned with fresh ground black pepper could sustain me for a good, long time. If you colored with crayons from the 60s-era, 64-count Crayola box with the built-in sharpener like I did, you know exactly what color yellow ochre is. Crayola has dumped the name in favor of yellows named dandelion, laser lemon, and sunglow. What is this world coming to? I love vintage office supplies, including the dangerously open-design, metal-bladed oscillating fans. They weren't safe, but they were cool looking. Owls are amazing creatures in every way. Most people can easily recite the odd numbers, but for some reason, I always categorized the days of the week as even or odd. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are odd, and Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are even. I'm not sure how I came to this opinion. I like the ocean as long as I don't have to go into it. O is for open, overcoat, olive oil, ochre, oscillating, owl, odd, and ocean.

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