Tuesday, December 6, 2011

K is for...

K is for..., watercolor on mixed media paper, December 5, 2011
I should have known I couldn't capture the wonder of a kaleidoscope on paper. My kids like kiwi a lot. It's funny to me that I didn't even know what one was when I was their age. I am a knitter. I can obsess about knitting really easily. What is it about hobbies?! "Khaki" is an exotic word for such a drab color. Whenever I see a nautical knot like the one pictured here, I think of my dad. Perhaps that's a metaphor of some kind...or perhaps it's just that he is a sailor at heart. He is always happiest on the water in some sort of boat. Kaylin is my beautiful daughter who is naturally happy-go-lucky and good for her melancholy mother. I could live without ketchup, but I wouldn't dare stop buying it. The rest of my family believes it to be an essential ingredient to many meals. Kinect: another of the many new "toys" that has found its way into our house. One of these days I'll ask my son how it works! K is for kaleidoscope, kiwi, knit, khaki, knot, Kaylin, ketchup, and Kinect.

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  1. I've been looking at all your wonderful creations and continue to be in awe...of your talent and the beauty of color. I especially like the 'jewel' colors (what's a jewel color?). If I could get away with painting the walls in my house those colors, it'd make me happy. Keep drawing, lil' Sis!