Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Introducing the Alphabet Sketchbook

As a way to practice illustration and watercolor, I am making an alphabet sketchbook, using a Strathmore Visual Journal. The journal is very small (3.5" x 5") and has 90lb. paper designed for mixed media. It is spiral bound and has very heavy covers, so it can stand up to bouncing around inside my purse. I draw 6-7 mini images on each page. They are roughly drawn and painted with a loose, quick watercolor technique. The idea is just to get drawing and painting, and using the letters of the alphabet as a guide has helped me overcome the "block" I frequently face: I don't know WHAT to draw. I chose to draw many items that are unique to my family: flags of countries we've visited and states where we've lived, favorite football teams and foods, etc. I've also chosen to include company logos I see every day. All these "rules" make this uniquely MY book--a little slice of my life at this moment. It's been so much fun (my husband and kids helped me brainstorm) that I might try making a book like this every year. I can't imagine finding another page's worth of Q- or X-words. Maybe I'll start making up words.

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  1. as usual, i read backwards, so i started with the 'f' page and worked my way back through to the beginning. this is such a delightful project you are making, and it gives me a glimpse into a part of you i didn't really know much about. looking forward to the rest of your alphabet sketchbook. thanks for sharing the gems of your life!