Wednesday, November 23, 2011

F is for...

F is for..., 90lb. mixed media paper, November 22, 2011
The first place ribbon is truly ugly. Perhaps my aversion to useless ribbon awards is showing. Facebook is here to stay...until the next craze catches on. I included the Costa Rican flag for my daughter, who spent a year studying there. It's a beautiful country. I'm very happy with the flag illustration. I love painting folds in fabric. It's weird to admit that. Fuchsia is a favorite flower, not a favorite color. I'm not sure we have fjords in the States, but the Finger Lakes area of New York State comes close. My husband was born in that part of the universe. We had freesia in our wedding bouquets. I deal with fog often--on the way to work and sometimes AT work! F is for first, fishbowl, Facebook, flag, fuchsia, fjord, freesia, and fog.

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