Saturday, November 26, 2011

G is for...

G is for..., 90lb. mixed media paper, November 25, 2011
This page looks too heavy to be watercolor. Time to lighten up! We moved away from New Mexico 12 years ago, but are still hooked on green chiles. I also happen to think they're interesting to look at, even though I didn't quite pull off the glossy skin. I've always loved climbing ivy and dreamed of having a picket fence and an English garden. Since I don't expect to ever have any of that, I'm content to have drawings of them. Gregg is my wonderful husband who has put up with my obsessions, tempers, and whims for over 25 years. Google has gone from an obscure proper noun to an everyday verb in my kids' lifetime. They have some very clever designers. I especially like the use of negative space in their small logo. G is for gold, gift, green, green chile, garden gate, Google, Gregg, and green tree frog.

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  1. not surprising that gregg made it into the 'g' sketches.... by the way, do you draw with pencil first and then paint, or is this just watercolor? i admire anyone who can do art like you do. thanks for sharing your talents on this blog.