Wednesday, November 23, 2011

B is for...

B is for..., 90lb. mixed media paper, November 16, 2011
I like how breakfast and the birch tree turned out. I envisioned the bees being much more clever than what you see. The BMW "circle" is definitely an oval. I've got to work on my circles! I love watercolor, especially the messy "mistakes" that end up being the best part of the picture, like the background of the bowling pin. Watercolor does gingham really well, too. Pancakes are a favorite cheap, fast meal when Daddy's not home for dinner. Yes, dinner. We never have them for breakfast. I guess I should have the pancakes on the "D" page. My son loves BMWs, along with all well engineered cars. B is for birch, blue, Blue Ridge, bumble bees, buttercup, breakfast, bowling pin, BMW, and brick.

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