Wednesday, May 8, 2013

EDiM Day 8 - Draw a Coffee Pot

On day 8 we were challenged to draw a coffee pot. I couldn't limit it to one. I call this picture "Mr. Coffee, Madame Café, & Café del Hijo." I own all three of these coffee "pots". Each pot represents its country well. The American Mr. Coffee (far left) makes reliably good coffee, compliments of an embedded computer chip and some electricity; the French press (middle) takes finesse to master and the coffee goes cold fast, but it looks so good sitting on a bistro table; and the Costa Rican version (far right) is low-tech and came with no operating instructions, but who cares? It's fun and looks more loved the longer you use it.
PITT pen and watercolor on 90 lb. mixed media paper

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