Saturday, May 11, 2013

EDiM Day 11 - Draw a Glove

When challenged to draw a glove, I thought of those dainty white gloves that little girls used to wear on Easter Sunday.  I grew up going to church every Sunday, but gloves were only worn on Easter. I remember the mad hunt for the invariably lost one glove. Sewing Sunday dresses was such a big part of my childhood. I admit that it was more important to me than what went on at church. My mom made dresses for me, and eventually I made them for myself. I remember wishing I could look as rail-thin as the girls on the pattern envelopes. It wasn't at all realistic. I also always enjoyed the quick illustration style that was common on sewing pattern envelopes years ago. I wanted to learn how to draw that way. Dress patterns hold so much nostalgia for me.

pen and watercolor on 90 lb. mixed media paper

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