Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EDiM Day 14 - A Figurine You Have

This is the only figurine I could think of drawing. I'm too tired to paint tonight, so I left this B&W. This figurine is 4" tall. It was in my grandma's house as long as I can remember. When she passed away several years ago, I asked to have this figurine as a reminder of her. The statue is a miniature of a life-sized bronze that stands in the town square of Ponca City, Oklahoma, where my mother went to high school. The statue is named "The Pioneer Woman," and that's how I think of my grandma: hardy, uncomplaining, and quietly fearless. She was also a self-taught artist. She always encouraged me to follow my dream of being an artist.
PITT pen on 90 lb. mixed media paper

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