Tuesday, May 21, 2013

EDiM Day 21 - Draw the Last Thing You Bought

I painted for 10+ hours today, but not with Winsor Newton paint. It was exterior enamel for painting the porch. We took a frozen yogurt break after lunch. Kiwi Yogurt is a wonderful treat, and I'm not thinking primarily of the wonderful sorbet and frozen yogurt. The bigger treat for me was the simple, clean, fun designs in the store: from the stylized kiwis painted super large on the walls to the bright sherbet colored stripes running the length of the room to the Ikea-esque furniture to the fun biodegradable mini-shovel plastic spoons. I loved it in all its sparse simplicity. It's amazing how soothing simplicity can be when your real life is chaotic.
pen and watercolor on 90 lb. mixed media paper

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