Friday, January 13, 2012

Z is for...

Z is for..., watercolor on mixed media paper, January 13, 2012
I remember studying about ziggurats in sixth grade. Such a distant and strange time and culture, but human nature remains the same. We must worship something, and we are forever tempted to exert great effort to erect something worthy of our adoration. Being absorbed by the compulsion to follow lesser gods (modern-day ziggurats) is at the core of man's rebellion and brokenness. The zipper is such a great invention--brilliant in its simplicity. How can anyone believe the zebra came about by accident? Zebras are hardly fit to survive in a predator world when everything about a zebra says, "Here I am! Look at me!" The Zia adorns the flag of New Mexico, where we lived for almost 12 years. The Zia sun symbol has 16 "fingers" divided into four sets of four, each significant for some reason. Does anyone remember what their state flag symbolizes? I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, which I've been told I shouldn't admit. Yes, I've heard all the jokes. Toledoans are proud of their great zoo and being the Glass Capital of the World and being the place Klinger is from. It is a great place to be from. Zaffre is a color. I know because I saw it on the Internet. I'm sure the name will be on a Crayola crayon wrapper someday. I was a Ziggy fan once upon a time. Since I don't read the paper, I've sort of lost track of him. Z is for ziggurat, zipper, zebra, zero, Zia, zoo, zaffre, and Ziggy.

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  1. so i had to look up zaffre.... noun
    impure cobalt oxide, formerly used to make smalt and blue enamels.
    can also be spelled zaffer.
    thanks for the commentaries that accompany each letter of your alphabet sketchbook. i've enjoyed them almost as much as the pictures. i would love to see the sketchbook in 'real life' as i can't grasp how small these pictures really are.